Under the musical direction of Major Greg Peterson, come along and enjoy a free variety concert performed by the Australian Army Band Kapooka. This exciting concert will feature a wide variety of styles from their...

Sydney Comedy Festival presents THE SYDNEY COMEDY FESTIVAL SHOWCASE – 4 September 2022 AT 7:30PM

The Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase Tour will be tearing up the freeways of Australia to bring the best of the 2022 Festival to Tumut for the very first time! Expertly curated and lovingly presented, the Showcase will...

The theatre has been a cultural focal point in the community for the past 90 years. During the past 25 years the theatre has been community-owned and is home to weekly movies as well as presentations and live performances including touring productions, theatrical and musical performances and dance. The theatre is always available to community groups for the benefit of the community.

 A recent addition to the theatre was the development of the Montreal Theatre Shop. The shop offers food and beverage before, during or after performances depending on the event.  With a limited liquor license, there are a number of major events throughout the year where alcohol is available.

This heritage-listed theatre, built in 1929, has been kept intact as an example of a 1920’s picture theatre. Modernistic in style with art deco elements, the lattice work ceiling made of caneite and timber is striking and the only example of this type known to survive in NSW. The theatre also offers historical tours and attracts many visitors each year. These need to be booked in advance.

The Montreal Community Theatre is managed by a dedicated committee with the assistance of an enthusiastic and energetic group of volunteers.

Est. 1929 by J.J. Learmont